Breaking New Ground

CCEE has a strong commitment to innovative research and encourages active collaboration in cross-disciplinary activities. The department partners with industry and government to conduct research at the cutting edge of science and technology. Most important, the research that we perform today has both immediate impact and serves as the foundation for safe and sustainable infrastructure in the future.

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We work to support and promote discovery, inquiry and creativity-based opportunities through mentored research experiences for both graduate and undergraduate students.

researchComputing Computing and Systems

We are focused on parallel and distributed processing, mathematical modeling and optimization methods, numerical methods, decision support, real-time systems, software engineering, simulation, and data assimilation. We often work closely with NC State’s Computer Science department and Operations Research program.

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researchConstruction Construction Engineering

We are focused on meeting today’s unprecedented challenges in planning, designing and managing the construction process, as well as helping develop and implement more modern and efficient construction technologies and management principles.

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researchWaterEnvironmental, Water Resources, and Coastal Engineering

researchGeotechnical Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering

We are interested in the analysis, design and construction of earth and earth-supported structures, which include earth dams, levees, excavations, foundations, highway and airfield embankments, and temporary and permanent retaining structures.

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researchMaterials Mechanics and Materials

We are working toward the common goal of understanding, modeling and improving a wide spectrum of traditional and emerging materials using theoretical, experimental and computational mechanics from nano to macro scale.

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researchStructural_alternative Structural Engineering and Mechanics

We are working with advanced concrete and steel design, structural mechanics, structural models and experimental mechanics, earthquake engineering, offshore structures, probabilistic methods, plasticity, finite deformation theory, continuum mechanics, and wave propagation in solids.

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researchTransport Transportation Systems and Materials

NC State University has been a leader in transportation engineering education since Professor Riddick began teaching road building in the 1890s. We research the planning, analysis, design, construction, and management of transport facilities and the materials from which they are built.

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