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Dr. George F. List, PhD, PE, has 35 years of experience in both academia and consulting and is a nationally recognized scholar for his work in network operations modeling and control, freight network planning, and asset management. He holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University (BSEE, 1971), the University of Delaware (MEE, 1976), and the University of Pennsylvania (PhD, CE, 1984).

A significant part of Dr. List’s research work focuses on highway network operations. Dr. List is the PI on SHRP 2 L02 (, which is focused on developing a guidebook for creating travel time reliability monitoring systems. Such systems will eventually become a common element of ATMS applications. He was also Co-PI and lead technical expert on a project sponsored by USDOT and NYSDOT in which a probe-based ATIS system was tested in the field. GPS-equipped PDA route guidance devices were provided to 200 participants who used the system to make route choice decisions based on the travel times being experienced by their cohorts. The system proved to have extraordinary value when incidents arose. Dr. List also focuses on optimal real-time control strategies for congested networks and hardware components and systems that can implement these control strategies.

Dr. List has also led major projects focused on logisitics, especially the use of infrastructure investments to help encourage economic development and job growth. One of these is the North Carolina Statewide Logistics Plan ( The other is the Seven Portals Project ( or ( committees/statewidelogistics/).

Dr. List is also known for his work in the modeling, simulation, and optimization of transport systems and networks. He was a 1999 Finalist in the Edelman Prize Competition (INFORMS), the 2003 recipient of Rensselaer’s Darrin Counseling Award, the 2007 recipient of the ITS-America “Best of ITS” award in the area of Research and Innovation and thrice a recipient of the project of the year award from ITS-New York.

From 1984 to 2005, Dr. List was a faculty member in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. While there he served 10 years as Department Chair and eight concurrent years as the Director of the Center for Infrastructure and Transportation Studies. He also held an appointment in the Department of Decision Sciences and Engineering Systems.

During his nearly 25 year academic career he has chaired theses and dissertation committees for 40 graduate students, of which 12 have successfully completed their doctoral degrees. He has published over 40 refereed journal articles, 50 refereed conference papers, made almost 200 conference presentations, and generated over $13.0M in external research support. Funding for Dr. List’s research program has come from a variety of sources including NSF, NCHRP, SHRP-II, FHWA, DOE, USDOT, FTA, NYSDOT, NCDOT. He is presently managing more than $2M in research including projects focused on developing procedures to monitor travel time reliability in urban and rural highway networks and mechanisms to tie statewide transportation investments to economic development. Dr. List is a member of ASCE (Fellow), TRB, IEEE, ITE, and INFORMS.


Ph.D. 1984

Civil Engineering

University of Pennsylvania

M.S. 1976

Electrical Engineering

University of Delaware

B.S. 1971

Electrical Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University

Research Description

Dr. List is interested in transportation system observability, control, and network planning; sensor design and system instrumentation, wireless technologies, traffic management systems, highway capacity and safety modeling, quality of service assessment, network capacity investment planning; modeling, simulation, and optimization of transport systems and networks; freight logistics; railroad system planning design and operation; multi-objective optimization


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NC Department of Transportation(8/16/15 - 11/30/19)
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