Cassie Castorena

Associate Professor

  • 919-515-6411
  • Mann Hall 431A

Dr. Cassie Castorena is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at North Carolina State University. She is interested in multi-scale characterization of asphalt materials, asphalt binder modification, asphalt pavement design, and asphalt pavement distress mechanisms.



Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Description

Dr. Castorena's research is focused on characterization of asphalt materials. Specifically, her work utilizes multi-scale characterization to develop a fundamental understanding of asphalt binders and their interaction with mineral aggregates. This work aims to improve our methods for asphalt pavement material selection and design. Additionally, she investigates the use of innovative alternative cement binders and asphalt modification technology for improved pavement sustainability.


Assessment of the impacts of sample preparation on the use of EDS for analysing recycled asphalt blending
Pape, S. E., & Castorena, C. A. (2021, June 17), JOURNAL OF MICROSCOPY, Vol. 6.
COVID-19, Uncertainty, and the Need for Resilience-Based Thinking in Pavement Engineering
Gulzar, S., Richard Kim, Y., Castorena, C., & Shane Underwood, B. (2021), JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING PART B-PAVEMENTS, 3.
Critical Evaluation of Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR)-Based Methods to Measure Asphalt Binder Diffusion
Ravichandran, M., & Castorena, C. (2021), JOURNAL OF TESTING AND EVALUATION, 11.
Refinement of Climate-, Depth-, and Time-Based Laboratory Aging Procedure for Asphalt Mixtures
Braswell, E., Saleh, N. F., Elwardany, M., Yousefi Rad, F., Castorena, C., Underwood, B. S., & Kim, Y. R. (2021), TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, 2675(2), 207–218.
Review From Multiple Perspectives for the State of the Practice on the Use of Recycled Asphalt Materials and Recycling Agents in Asphalt Concrete Surface Mixtures
Habbouche, J., Boz, I., Underwood, B. S., Castorena, C., Gulzar, S., Fried, A., & Preciado, J. (2021, December 9), TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, Vol. 12.
Use of Resampling Method to Construct Variance Index and Repeatability Limit of Damage Characteristic Curve
Ding, J., Lee, K. C., Castorena, C., Kim, Y. R., & Underwood, B. S. (2021, February 22), TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, Vol. 2.
Effects of aging on asphalt mixture and pavement performance
Saleh, N. F., Keshavarzi, B., Rad, F. Y., Mocelin, D., Elwardany, M., Castorena, C., … Kim, Y. R. (2020), CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, 258.
Improved interpretation of asphalt binder parallel plate dynamic shear rheometer fatigue tests
Safaei, F., & Castorena, C. (2020), INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PAVEMENT ENGINEERING, 21(1), 74–87.
Low-temperature performance grade characterisation of asphalt binder using the dynamic shear rheometer
Zeng, Z. 'A., Underwood, B. S., & Castorena, C. (2020), INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PAVEMENT ENGINEERING.
Predictive Framework for Modeling Changes in Asphalt Mixture Moduli with Oxidative Aging
Saleh, N. F., Mocelin, D., Yousefi Rad, F., Castorena, C., Underwood, B. S., & Kim, Y. R. (2020), TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD.

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Development of Friction Performance Models
NC Department of Transportation(8/01/21 - 7/31/23)
A Practical Method to Determine Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Binder Availability
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)(10/01/21 - 3/31/23)
Modifying Existing Asphalt Mix Design Procedures for RAP/RAS Surface Mixtures
NC Department of Transportation(1/01/21 - 12/31/22)
Evaluating Recycling Agents’ Acceptance for Virginia: Test Protocols and Performance-Based Threshold Criteria
US Dept. of Transportation (DOT)(7/01/20 - 1/31/23)
Ruggedness and Interlaboratory Studies for Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester (AMPT) Small Scale Dynamic Modulus
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)(3/11/20 - 8/23/22)
Quality Control of Field Asphalt Mixtures and Compatibility of Aggregates and Emulsions using Asphalt Compatibility Tester (ACT)
NC Department of Transportation(8/01/19 - 4/30/22)
Screening of Asphalt Extenders and Recycling Agents
NC Department of Transportation(8/01/19 - 7/31/22)
Evolution of Pavement Friction and Macrotexture after Asphalt Overlay
NC Department of Transportation(8/01/19 - 10/31/21)
Evaluation of New Asphalt Concrete Job Mix Formula Specifications
NC Department of Transportation(8/01/19 - 5/31/21)
Calibration of Structural Layer Coefficients for North Carolina Asphalt Pavements
NC Department of Transportation(8/01/18 - 7/31/21)