Transportation Materials and Systems

The Transportation Materials and Systems group researches the planning, analysis, design, construction, and management of transport facilities and the materials from which they are built. Our research group focuses on two main sub-areas related to transportation:

Transportation Materials
Transportation materials, including pavement design, mix design, and materials characterization.

Ron Hughes and Nagui Rouphail with I40 traffic.
Transportation Systems
Transportation systems, including planning, design, operations and safety.


Related Courses

Course Number Course Name Credits Fall Spring
CE 501 Transportation Systems
CE 502 Traffic Operations
CE 503 Highway Design
CE 504 Airport Planning and Design
CE 506 Mutlimodal Studies
CE 509 Highway Safety
CE 594C Nondestructive Testing
CE 595A Asphalt/Bituminous Materials
CE 595R Railroad Engineering
CE 595S Sensors and Instrumentation
CE 595U Unconventional Intersection and Interchange Design
CE 701 Urban Transport Planning  
CE 702 Traffic Flow Theory  
CE 705 Advanced Transport Systems  
CE 706 Advanced Traffic Control Systems  
CE 707 Transportation Policy  
CE 755 Highway Pavement Design
CE 757 Pavement Management Systems  
CE 759 Inelastic Behavior of Construction Materials  
CE 795E Transportation Economics
CE 795L Transportation Logistics  


Graduate Course Requirements

For all degree programs, consult with your advisor to construct the course plan that best meets your research and career goals.

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