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The Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering offers undergraduate degrees in civil engineering, construction engineering, and environmental engineering. It also offers graduate programs in computing and systems, construction engineering, environmental water resources and coastal engineering, mechanics and materials, structural engineering and mechanics, transportation systems and materials, and geotechnical/geoenvironmental engineering.

Our Values

We are a community of scholars:

  • Our primary purpose is to understand the world more deeply and to creatively use that understanding to better the human condition by improving infrastructure, human health, and the environment.

Diversity makes us stronger:

  • Our understanding is deepened and our creativity enhanced by different points of view.
  • People from all backgrounds and walks of life are welcome in CCEE.

We respect everyone:

  • No one should be made to feel unwelcome or unsafe for any reason, including but not limited to: their ethnic or racial background, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or identity, language, religion, disability, familial status, veteran status, socioeconomic status, age, or political beliefs.
  • As a community of scholars, we support one another and are able to discuss difficult and controversial issues with intellect and compassion.

We are the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering is to provide:

  • High-quality undergraduate programs that continually incorporate advances in civil, construction, and environmental engineering technology.
  • Post-baccalaureate educational programs to satisfy the increasing need for highly educated engineers in various specialty areas of civil, construction, and environmental engineering.
  • Research activities consistent with the responsibilities of a research institution to develop new technology for the solution of emerging problems and to support programs of graduate education.
  • Extension and public service activities through the development of professional technical assistance and continuing education programs.

“With more than 50 faculty and an undergraduate and graduate student population totaling more than 1,000, NC State’s Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering is one of the largest departments in the country, and more importantly, one of the best.

Read Welcome Message from Dr. Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson, Department Head of CCEE

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Our Alumni

We’ve been awarding degrees for more than 120 years and have a successful community of Alumni working throughout our state, and indeed around the country and the world. We deeply value staying engaged with our Alumni community and urge Alumni to stay connected to the department and to each other. The benefits of a connected Alumni community include a robust and knowledgeable Advisory Board, assistance with recruiting, and opportunities for service on committees and with student groups. It’s a beneficial cycle of academic and professional success. 

We have several ways of recognizing alumni including Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award, the CCEE Hall of Fame, the FACES of CCEE, and Alumni features briefs in our newsletters, where we recognize career accomplishments, awards, new employment, and retirement.

Distinguished Alumni Recipients

Michael Creed, 2015 Distinguished Engineering Alum
Michael W. Creed CE 1973 Awarded in 2015
Stephen F. Angel, Distinguished CCEE Alum
Stephen F. Angel, CE 1977 Awarded in 2012
Jimmy D. Clark CE 1974 Awarded in 2012
Jimmy D. Clark CE 1974
Awarded in 2012
Raymond A. Bryan Jr. CE 1953 Awarded in 2007
Raymond A. Bryan Jr. CE 1953 Awarded in 2007

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