Richard Kim

Jimmy D. Clark Distinguished University Professor

Dr. Y. Richard Kim is a Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at North Carolina State University. Professor Kim’s specialty areas include: characterization and performance modeling of asphaltic materials and asphalt pavement systems; condition assessment of asphalt pavements; pavement evaluation by accelerated pavement testing; and pavement preservation. Professor Kim is a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and a member of several other professional organizations, including the Transportation Research Board, the Association of Asphalt Paving Technology, the American Society of Testing and Materials, the Korean Scientists and Engineers Association, and the International Society of Asphalt Pavements (ISAP). He is the founder and first president of the Asian-American Pavement Engineers Association. He is also a board member of ISAP and the Chair of the 2014 ISAP Conference on Asphalt Pavements.

Dr. Kim teaches CE 332 Materials of Construction, CE 595A Bituminous Materials, CE 594C Nondestructive Evaluation of Civil Infrastructure, CE 755 Highway Pavement Design, CE 757 Pavement Management Systems, and CE 759 Inelastic Behavior of Civil Infrastructure. He was named the Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professor in 2012 for his excellence in teaching and mentoring.

Dr. Kim has published over 200 papers in national and international technical journals and proceedings. He is the editor of the ASCE book entitled Modeling of Asphalt Concrete. Professor Kim is currently an Associate Editor for the International Journal of Pavement Engineering and a member of the editorial boards of three other international journals. He is also a member of the Federal Highway Administration Asphalt Mixture and Construction Expert Task Group and Pavement Preservation Expert Task Group. Among numerous awards, he is the recipient of The Alcoa Foundation Engineering Research Achievement Award in 1998 and a recipient of the Walter J. Emmons Best Paper Award by the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists in 1997, 2006, and 2009.


Ph.D. 1988

Civil Engineering

Texas A&M University

M.S. 1985

Civil Engineering

Texas A&M University

B.S. 1980

Civil Engineering

Seoul National University

Research Description

Dr. Kim's research interests are in pavement design and rehabilitation, bituminous materials, pavement preservation, nondestructive evaluation of pavements, and performance modeling.

Honors and Awards

  • The Alcoa Foundation Engineering Research Achievement Award, 1998


Evaluation of Chemical and Rheological Aging Indices to Track Oxidative Aging of Asphalt Mixtures
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Fatigue Performance Prediction of Asphalt Pavements with FlexPAVE (TM), the S-VECD Model, and D-R Failure Criterion
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Fatigue performance analysis of pavements with RAP using viscoelastic continuum damage theory
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Spray injection patching for pothole repair using 100 percent reclaimed asphalt pavement
Kwon, B. J., Kim, D., Rhee, S. K., & Kim, Y. R. (2018), Construction and Building Materials, 166, 445–451.
Utilizing digital image correlation (DIC) in asphalt pavement testing
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Addressing raveling resistance in chip seal specifications
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Application of time-temperature superposition principle on fatigue failure analysis of asphalt binder
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Characterization of permanent deformation of asphalt mixtures with minimum strain rate, LVECD program, and triaxial stress sweep test
Kim, D., & Kim, Y. R. (2017), Transportation Research Record, (2631), 96–104.

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