Sankar Arumugam

Professor and University Faculty Scholar

Dr. Sankar Arumugam is a  Professor in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at NCSU. He is also a University Faculty Scholar (2013-2018). He is primarily associated with the Environmental, Water Resources, and Coastal Engineering and Computing and Systems groups within the department.

Dr. Arumugam currently teaches CE 383 – Hydrology and Urban Water Systems, CE 586 – Engineering Hydrology, CE 777 – Stochastic Methods in Water and Environmental Engineering and CE 786 – Hydroclimatology.

Dr. Arumugam currently serves as the associate editor for the Geophysical Research Letters (AGU) and for the Journal of Hydrometeorology (AMS). He also served as the associate editor for  Water Resources Research (AGU), Journal of Hydrology (Elsevier), Journal of Hydrologic Engineering (ASCE) and as the editor of Journal of Water and Climate Change (IWA). Dr. Arumugam is also a member of American Geophysical Union, American Meteorological Society and Environmental Water Research Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers.


Ph.D. 2002

Water Resources Engineering

Tufts University

M.S. 1996

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology-Madras

B.S. 1991

Agricultural Engineering

Tamilnadu Agricultural University-Coimbatore

Research Description

Dr. Arumugam's primary research interest is at the interface of climate and water management focusing on large-scale hydroclimatology. His current research sponsors include National Science Foundation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NC Water Resources Research Institute. Arumugam is interested in understanding, modeling and forecasting hydrological fluxes at large spatial scales based on land surface and climatic indices. Other topics of research include water resources planning and management and environmental assessment in developing countries.


Assessing inter-annual variability in nitrogen sourcing and retention through hybrid Bayesian watershed modeling
Miller, J. W., Karimi, K., Sankarasubramanian, A., & Obenour, D. R. (2021), Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 2.
Climatic and Landscape Controls on Long‐Term Baseflow
Yao, L., Sankarasubramanian, A., & Wang, D. (2021), Water Resources Research, 57(6).
Dams and Climate Interact to Alter River Flow Regimes Across the United States
Chalise, D. R., Sankarasubramanian, A., & Ruhi, A. (2021), Earth's Future, 9(4).
Performance Comparison of Equivalent Reservoir and Multireservoir Models in Forecasting Hydropower Potential for Linking Water and Power Systems
Mukhopadhyay, S., Sankarasubramanian, A., & de Queiroz, A. R. (2021), Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 147(4), 04021005.
Tropical Cyclones’ Contribution to Seasonal Precipitation and Streamflow Over the Southeastern and Southcentral United States
Chalise, D. R., Aiyyer, A., & Sankarasubramanian, A. (2021), Geophysical Research Letters, 48(15).
A framework for ecological flow allocation in multiple reservoir operation
Chalise, D., Arumugam, S., Mahinthakumar, G., Ranjithan, R. S., Eaton, M., & Vidal, A. R. (2020, December 15). , . Presented at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.
A performance‐based multi‐model combination approach to reduce uncertainty in seasonal temperature change projections
Das Bhowmik, R., & Sankarasubramanian, A. (2020), International Journal of Climatology, 41(S1).
America's Water: Multiscale Forecasting and Innovation in Infrastructure Design & Management Instruments is critical for Climate Adaptation
Lall, U., Arumugam, S., Cioffi, F., Devineni, N., Doss-Gollin, J., Kwon, H., & Rajagopalan, B. (2020, December 15). America's Water: Multiscale Forecasting and Innovation in Infrastructure Design & Management Instruments is critical for Climate Adaptation. Presented at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting,
COREGS: An optimization framework to analyze water and power systems together under a changing climate
Ford, L. C., Queiroz, A., DeCarolis, J., & Arumugam, S. (2020, December 15). , . Presented at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.
Changing Seasonality of Annual Maximum Floods over the Conterminous US
Basu, B., Bhowmik, R. D., & Arumugam, S. (2020, November 24). , .

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