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Study Abroad in Prague with Professor William Rasdorf, 2014
Study Abroad in Prague with Professor William Rasdorf, 2014

The Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) supports a summer study abroad program. The objective of doing so is to provide students with international experiences that encompass travel, culture, language, and people, while providing NCSU CCEE course credit. Doing so empowers students personally and increases confidence in what can be achieved as an individual (live in another country, navigate and travel, communicate and understand, see sights, develop plans, etc.). Study Abroad expands world horizons and provides students with one of the best experiences of their lives. It is also worth noting that many future potential employers want to hire students who have the initiative to participate in Study Abroad programs.


The CCEE department at NCSU has hosted five successful previous study abroad programs in Nanjing, China (2009), Adelaide and Brisbane, Australia (2010), Hong Kong and Nanjing, China (2012), and also in Prague, Czech Republic (2014 and 2016). The department is planning for a return to Prague in 2017, and other locations are under consideration for the future. These include Sansepulcro, Italy; London, England; Adelaide, Australia; and Shizuoka, Japan. Depending on student and faculty interest, other locations could be considered as well.


It is expected that the undergraduate program will be offered every year. The graduate program will be offered based on demand.

Courses Offered

Typically 1 civil engineering class will be offered over a 6 week program coupled with a GEP course. Undergraduate students will obtain 6 hours of course credit. Graduate students will receive 3 hours of course credit over a 4 week program.

The courses to be offered in Prague in May 2017:

CE 263: Introduction to Construction Engineering – 3 credits

  • Approved as a CE Area Introductory Elective or CE Elective in the Civil Engineering Curriculum
  • Required course in the Construction Engineering Curriculum

CE 538: Information Technology and Modeling – 3 credits

  • General graduate class
  • Counts towards the graduate GIS degree


It is especially important to carefully consider the courses that are offered in the CCEE Study Abroad program so that you can prepare your schedule to have the necessary course prerequisites. Note that the program most often fits within the NCSU first summer session and affords each student with the opportunity to return in time to either enroll in the second summer session or to begin a summer internship.

Interested students are encouraged to talk with the Study Abroad participating faculty (both past and current) to obtain further information. The following faculty can assist you:

William Rasdorf
Steve Welton

To visit learn more about the summer 2017 program, visit:

The Prague Institute

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