Murthy Guddati


  • Fitts-Woolard Hall 3341

Dr. Guddati’s research interests span the general area of computational mechanics ranging from the design and theoretical analysis of new and efficient computational methods to the application of computational mechanics to complex physical systems. His current activities are related to (a) wave propagation modeling, (b) subsurface imaging based on seismic and ultrasonic waves, (c) multi-scale modeling of solids, (d) domain-decomposition methods, (e) constitutive modeling of materials, (f) soil dynamics, and (g) finite-element software development. His teaching interests include general area of mechanics and computation. His graduate mentoring is focused on interdisciplinary education that includes training in mechanics, mathematics and computational science. He is active in US Association for Computational Mechanics and American Society of Civil Engineers, and a member of various other scientific professional organizations.


Ph.D. 1998

Computational and Applied Mathematics

University of Texas, Austin

M.S. 1994

Civil Engineering

University of Cincinnati

B.Tech 1992

Indian Institute of Technology-Madras

Research Description

Dr. Guddati is interested in the general area of computational mechanics, ranging from the development of new and efficient computational techniques, to the application of existing methodologies to simulate complex physical systems.