Gregory Lucier

Research Associate Professor and Laboratory Manager

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Long-term behavior of precast, prestressed concrete sandwich panels reinforced with carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer shear grid
Nafadi, M. K., Lucier, G., Yaman, T. S., Gleich, H., & Rizkalla, S. (2021), PCI JOURNAL.
Prestressed MF-FRP: Experimental Study of Rapid Retrofit Solution for Deteriorated Prestressed C-Channel Beams
McCoy, B. C., Bourara, Z., Lucier, G. W., Seracino, R., Liu, M., & Lin, S.-H. (2021), JOURNAL OF PERFORMANCE OF CONSTRUCTED FACILITIES, 35(1).
Bending response of lap welded steel pipeline joints
Sarvanis, G. C., Chatzopoulou, G., Fappas, D., Karamanos, S. A., Keil, B. D., Lucier, G., … Mielke, R. D. (2020), THIN-WALLED STRUCTURES, 157.
Flexural performance of pretensioned ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete beams with CFRP tendons
Sturm, A. B., Visintin, P., Seracino, R., Lucier, G. W., & Oehlers, D. J. (2020), COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, 243.
Anchor Bolt Patterns for Mechanically Fastened FRP Plates
McCoy, B. C., Bourara, Z., Seracino, R., & Lucier, G. W. (2019), JOURNAL OF COMPOSITES FOR CONSTRUCTION, 23(4).
Numerical simulation and experimental corroboration of galvanic corrosion of mild steel in synthetic concrete pore solution
Mohammadian, A., Rashetnia, R., Lucier, G., Seracino, R., & Pour-Ghaz, M. (2019), CEMENT & CONCRETE COMPOSITES, 103, 263–278.
Boundary Elements of Special Reinforced Concrete Walls Tested under Different Loading Paths
Haro, A. G., Kowalsky, M., Chai, Y. H., & Lucier, G. W. (2018), EARTHQUAKE SPECTRA, 34(3), 1267–1288.
Influence of geometry and fiber properties on rupture strain of cylindrical FRP jackets under internal ICE pressure
Sadeghian, P., Seracino, R., Das, B., & Lucier, G. (2018), Composite Structures, 192, 173–183.
Keil, B. D., Gobler, F., Mielke, R. D., Lucier, G., Sarvanis, G. C., & Karamanos, S. A. (2018), Pipelines 2018. Presented at the Pipelines 2018.
Seismic performance of reinforced concrete filled steel tube drilled shafts with inground plastic hinges
Aguirre, D. A., Kowalsky, M. J., Nau, J. M., Gabr, M., & Lucier, G. (2018), Engineering Structures, 165, 106–119.

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