Roy Borden

Professor Emeritus

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Dr. Roy H. Borden is a Professor of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at North Carolina State University and a licensed professional engineer in North Carolina.  His work has focused on the areas of soil and site improvement, with special emphasis on grouting technologies, the behavior of shallow and deep foundations and the laboratory and insitu characterization of residual soils. He has consulted on the grouting of major dams in Mexico, Canada and South Korea and numerous major excavations and tunnels in the United States. Dr. Borden has also served as an expert witness in a number of cases, some of which involved slope and excavation failures, retaining structures and grouting-related issues.

Dr. Borden has been a past chair of the ASCE Grouting Committee, a member of the Executive Editorial Board of the Ground Improvement Journal and a member of ISSMFE TC-17, Committee on Ground Improvement, Reinforcement and Grouting and served a 4-yr term as a member of the System Management Board for the National Geotechnical Experimentation Sites Program.

At NC State he has served as a past Director of the Constructed Facilities Laboratory, chaired the College of Engineering P&T Committee and served on the University P&T Committee. He is currently serving on the Faculty Senate, the Academic Policies Committee and the University Courses and Curricula Committee. He has been awarded the Kimley-Horn Faculty Award for research and teaching, been recognized as an Outstanding Teacher, received both the COE and University Outstanding Extension Service Awards and been inducted into both the Academy of Outstanding Teachers and the Academy of Outstanding Extension Faculty.


Ph.D. 1980

Civil Engineering

Northwestern University

M.S. 1977

Civil Engineering

Northwestern University

B.S. 1971

Civil Engineering

Tufts University

Research Description

Dr. Borden's research interests include soil and site improvement, grouting, laboratory and in-situ material characterization, behavior of foundations in residual soils, soil-structure interaction, excavation support systems and analysis of the causes of failures.


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