Welcome to the Sciaudone Research Team. We seek to understand coastal hazards and infrastructure vulnerability, with an aim of informing planning for a resilient and adaptable future along our shorelines.

Meet our team

Team PI: Beth Sciaudone

Dr. Sciaudone has more than 20 years of experience working on coastal hazards issues including coastal construction techniques, beach and dune design, and coastal transportation infrastructure resilience. She enjoys working with students to understand coastal processes using a combination of field work, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and numerical modeling. Contact Dr. Sciaudone.


Sophia Rosenberg

M.S. Student: Sophia Rosenberg

Ms. Rosenberg is working to understand vulnerability of coastal infrastructure and how the built environment affects sediment transport and coastal beach and dune response to storms and long-term erosion.  She plans to employ numerical modeling techniques to gain insight into sediment transport patterns around buildings, roads, and other infrastructure.



Undergraduate Researcher: Olivia Holbrook

Ms. Holbrook is assisting with GIS tasks for evaluating coastal highway vulnerability, and will be working on a project to assess vulnerability of the North Carolina Ferry System beginning Fall 2022.




What Happens Next?

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