John Stone

Professor Emeritus

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  • Mann Hall 422

Dr. John Stone is an educator and researcher in transportation systems, planning, and modeling. John is director of the NCSU Southeastern Transportation Center program, which is affiliated with the University of Tennessee, and he is director of the NCSU Civil Engineering Summer Practicum.

Dr. Stone is a member of ASCE which recognized his accomplishments in transportation research and education with the Frank M. Masters Transportation Engineering Award.


Ph.D. 1981

Civil Engineering

University of Virginia

M.Eng. 1976

Civil Engineering

University of South Carolina

M.S. 1968

Flight Mechanics

Princeton University

B.S. 1966

Aerospace Engineering

University of Virginia

Research Description

Dr. Stone is interested in transportation engineering and systems analysis, urban transportation and land use. His past research projects include advanced aircraft, computer models for transportation planning, transportation systems evaluation, traveler behavior, environmental and community context sensitive design, transportation surveys, transportation benefits and costs, and transportation safety. Recently he has focused on truck traffic while leading projects to: characterize truck traffic throughout North Carolina; develop the first statewide transportation model for North Carolina; build a statewide truck traffic database for pavement design; and weigh very heavy trucks (132,000 - 1 million pounds).


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Daily Activity Patterns of University Students
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Winston-Salem mobility manager: Data collection, validation, and performance evaluation
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STC Education Component: Educational Funding for Transportation Safety
US Dept. of Transportation (DOT)(8/01/07 - 5/31/13)
Summer English Program (SEP) for Engineering Students 2012
Jazan University(6/01/12 - 8/30/12)
Analysis of Truck Load Weight Distribution in North Carolina
NC Department of Transportation(7/01/11 - 8/15/12)
North Carolina Statewide Travel Demand Model - PB
US Dept. of Transportation (DOT)(3/01/10 - 9/09/10)
Development of Traffic Data Input Resources For the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Process
NC Department of Transportation(7/01/07 - 8/15/10)
Development of Typical Truck Trip Profiles for Rural and Urban NC
NC Department of Transportation(7/01/06 - 9/30/08)
STC Education Component: Educational Funding for Transportation Safety
US Dept. of Transportation (DOT)(8/01/99 - 7/31/08)
North Carolina Truck Network Model HWY 2006-09
NC Department of Transportation(7/01/05 - 6/30/08)
2005 Eisenhower Graduate Fellowship, Elizabeth M. Runey, Grant Award Number (USDOT FHWA): DDEGRD-05-X-00438
US Dept. of Transportation (DOT)(9/01/05 - 9/01/06)
Benefit-Cost Analysis Software for Transportation Planning
NC Department of Transportation(7/01/04 - 6/30/06)