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Enhanced Crash Frequency Models Using Surrogate Safety Measures from Connected Vehicle Fleet
Lee, T., & Rouphail, N. (2023, July 31), TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD.
Modeling Framework for Predicting Lane Change Intensity at Freeway Weaving Segments
Ahmed, I., Karr, A., Rouphail, N. M., & Chase, R. T. (2023, April 19), TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, Vol. 4.
Response time of mixed platoons with traditional and autonomous vehicles in field trials: impact assessment on flow stability and safety
Das, T., Ahmed, I., Williams, B. M., & Rouphail, N. M. (2023, December 29), TRANSPORTMETRICA A-TRANSPORT SCIENCE, Vol. 12.
Surrogate Safety Measures: Review and Assessment in Real-World Mixed Traditional and Autonomous Vehicle Platoons
Das, T., Samandar, M. S., Autry, M. K., & Rouphail, N. M. (2023), IEEE ACCESS, 11, 32682–32696.
Analytical and Microsimulation Model Calibration and Validation: Application to Roundabouts under Sight-Restricted Conditions
Chun, G., Rouphail, N., Samandar, M. S., List, G., Yang, G., & Akcelik, R. (2022, August 21), TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, Vol. 8.
Capitalizing on Drone Videos to Calibrate Simulation Models for Signalized Intersections and Roundabouts
Samandar, M. S., Chun, G., Yang, G., Chase, T., Rouphail, N. M., & List, G. F. (2022, June 24), TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, Vol. 6.
Characterizing lane changing behavior and identifying extreme lane changing traits
Ahmed, I., Karr, A. F., Rouphail, N. M., Chase, R. T., & Tanvir, S. (2022, April 24), TRANSPORTATION LETTERS-THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH, Vol. 4.
Longitudinal traffic conflict analysis of autonomous and traditional vehicle platoons in field tests via surrogate safety measures
Das, T., Samandar, M. S., & Rouphail, N. (2022), ACCIDENT ANALYSIS AND PREVENTION, 177.
Movement-based intersection crash frequency modeling
Lee, T., Cunningham, C., & Rouphail, N. (2022, June 21), JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION SAFETY & SECURITY.
Capacity Analysis Framework for Freeway Ramp Weaves
Amini, E., Xu, D., Rouphail, N. M., Elefteriadou, L., & Aghdashi, B. (2021), JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING PART A-SYSTEMS, 147(12).

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STRIDE: Utilization of Connectivity and Automation in Support of Transportation Agencies’ Decision Making – Phase 2
US Dept. of Transportation (DOT)(5/15/22 - 8/31/23)
STRIDE - Assessing and Addressing Deficiencies in the HCM Weaving Segment Analysis - Phase II
US Dept. of Transportation (DOT)(4/01/21 - 7/31/22)
Guidelines to Enhance the Constructability of Diverse, Modern, and Unconventional Intersections and Interchanges (DMUII)
NC Department of Transportation(1/01/21 - 8/14/23)
Project G3: Utilization of Connectivity and Automation in Support of Transportation Agencies’ Decision Making
US Dept. of Transportation (DOT)(1/01/20 - 5/31/22)
NCDOT University Transportation Center of Excellence on Mobility and Congestion
NC Department of Transportation(2/01/20 - 2/28/23)
Traffic Analysis Tools: Assessment, Comparison and Validation Study
NC Department of Transportation(8/01/19 - 1/31/22)
Reconciling Travel Time Saving Estimates in the SPOT Process
NC Department of Transportation(7/01/19 - 6/30/21)
STRIDE -Assessing and Addressing Deficiencies in the HCM Weaving Segment Analyses
US Dept. of Transportation (DOT)(8/01/18 - 8/31/20)
Predicting Lane Change Intensity within Urban Interchange Influence Areas
NC Department of Transportation(8/01/18 - 10/31/20)
Impacts of Autonomous Vehicle Technology on Transportation Systems
NC Department of Transportation(8/01/18 - 7/31/21)