Nagui Rouphail

Distinguished University Professor


Crash Classification by Congestion Type for Highways
Song, T.-J., Kim, S., Williams, B. M., Rouphail, N. M., & List, G. F. (2020), APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, 10(7).
Modeling Framework for Capacity Analysis of Freeway Segments: Application to Ramp Weaves
Xu, D., Rouphail, N. M., Aghdashi, B., Ahmed, I., & Elefteriadou, L. (2020), TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD.
Assessing traffic-related environmental impacts based on different traffic monitoring applications
Teixeira, J., Macedo, E., Fernandes, P., Bandeira, J. M., Rouphail, N., & Coelho, M. C. (2019), 21ST EURO WORKING GROUP ON TRANSPORTATION MEETING (EWGT 2018), pp. 107–114.
Characterizing Lane Changes via Digitized Infrastructure and Low-Cost GPS
Ahmed, I., Karr, A., Rouphail, N. M., Chun, G., & Tanvir, S. (2019), TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, 2673(8), 298–309.
Lane Change Rates at Freeway Weaving Sites: Trends in HCM6 and from NGSIM Trajectories
Ahmed, I., Xu, D., Rouphail, N., & Karr, A. (2019), TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, 2673(5), 627–636.
Queue-Based Guidance for Signalization Consideration at Two and Three-Legged Intersections
Warchol, S., Rouphail, N. M., Vaughan, C., & Kearns, B. (2019), TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, 2673(10), 416–426.
Characteristics and Temporal Stability of Recurring Bottlenecks
Ahmed, I., Rouphail, N. M., & Tanvir, S. (2018), TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, 2672(42), 235–246.
Data-driven approach for identifying spatiotemporally recurrent bottlenecks
Song, T.-J., Williams, B. M., & Rouphail, N. M. (2018), IET INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT SYSTEMS, 12(8), 756–764.
Effect of Light Duty Vehicle Performance on a Driving Style Metric
Tanvir, S., Frey, H. C., & Rouphail, N. M. (2018), TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, 2672(25), 67–78.
Reliability Assessment Tool: Development and Prototype Testing
List, G. F., Rouphail, N., Smith, R., & Williams, B. (2018), TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, 2672(14), 29–38.

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Guidelines to Enhance the Constructability of Diverse, Modern, and Unconventional Intersections and Interchanges (DMUII)
NC Department of Transportation(1/01/21 - 12/31/22)
Project G3: Utilization of Connectivity and Automation in Support of Transportation Agencies’ Decision Making
US Dept. of Transportation (DOT)(1/01/20 - 4/15/21)
NCDOT University Transportation Center of Excellence on Mobility and Congestion
NC Department of Transportation(2/01/20 - 7/31/22)
Traffic Analysis Tools: Assessment, Comparison and Validation Study
NC Department of Transportation(8/01/19 - 1/31/22)
Reconciling Travel Time Saving Estimates in the SPOT Process
NC Department of Transportation(7/01/19 - 3/31/21)
STRIDE -Assessing and Addressing Deficiencies in the HCM Weaving Segment Analyses
US Dept. of Transportation (DOT)(8/01/18 - 8/31/20)
Predicting Lane Change Intensity within Urban Interchange Influence Areas
NC Department of Transportation(8/01/18 - 10/31/20)
Impacts of Autonomous Vehicle Technology on Transportation Systems
NC Department of Transportation(8/01/18 - 7/31/21)
STRIDE-Project I. Freeway Management for Optimal Reliability
US Dept. of Transportation (DOT)(1/19/17 - 11/30/19)
STRIDE-Project F. Integrated Implementation of Innovative Intersection Designs
US Dept. of Transportation (DOT)(5/16/17 - 11/15/19)