Paul Khosla

Professor Emeritus

  • 919-515-7835
  • Mann Hall 409


Ph.D. 1978

Civil Engineering

Purdue University

M.S. 1968

Civil Engineering

University of Roorkee

B.S. 1966

Civil Engineering

University of Jodhpur

Research Description

Dr. Khosla's research is in bituminous and concrete materials and highway pavements.


Self-organization of amorphous Q-carbon and Q-BN nanoballs
Narayan, J., & Khosla, N. (2022), CARBON.
Laboratory evaluation of workability and moisture susceptibility of warm-mix asphalt mixtures containing recycled asphalt pavements
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Laboratory evaluation of warm-mix asphalt mixtures for moisture and rutting susceptibility
Malladi, H., Ayyala, D., Tayebali, A. A., & Khosla, N. P. (2015), Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 27(5).
Evaluation of warm mix asphalt technology for surface mixtures
Ayyala, D., Malladi, H., Khosla, N. P., & Tayebali, A. A. (2014), Asphalt Pavements, vol 1, 701–708.
A performance-based evaluation of superpave design gyrations for high traffic surface mixes
Khosla, N. P., & Ayyala, D. (2013), 2nd conference of transportation research group of india (2nd ctrg), 104, 109–118.
Effects of higher percentage of recycled asphalt pavement on pavement performance
Visintine, B., Khosla, N. P., & Tayebali, A. (2013), Road Materials and Pavement Design, 14(2), 432–437.
Evaluation of moisture susceptibility of asphalt mixtures: Conventional and new methods
Khosla, N. P., Birdsall, B. G., & Kawaguchi, S. (2000), In Asphalt binders, 2000 (pp. 43–51).
Evaluation of superpave repeated shear at constant height test to predict rutting potential of mixes: Performance of three pavement sections in North Carolina
Tayebali, A. A., Khosla, N. P., & Waller, H. F. (1999), In Hot-mix asphalt mixtures (p. 97).
Development of a binder blending chart for cold-recycled mix design using the dynamic shear rheometer
Bienvenu, M. E., Khosla, N. P., & Tayebali, A. A. (1998), Seventh International Conference on Low-Volume Roads 1999 (Transportation research record; 1652), 1652. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press.
Effect of mineral filler type and amount on design and performance of asphalt concrete mixtures
Tayebali, A. A., Malpass, G. A., & Khosla, N. P. (1998), In Superpave: Binder specifications, mixture design and construction (pp. 36–43). Washington, DC: Transportation Research Board.

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Characterization of Different RAP Sources
NC Department of Transportation(8/16/13 - 12/31/16)
Impact of Binders from Waste Materials on Performance of Surface Mixtures
NC Department of Transportation(8/16/12 - 8/15/15)
Determining Recycled Asphalt Binder Limits Contributed by Waste Materials
NC Department of Transportation(8/16/11 - 3/31/14)
An Evaluation of Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies for NCDOT Mixes
NC Department of Transportation(8/16/10 - 6/30/13)
An Investigation of the Effect of Ndesign Values on Performance of Superpave Mixtures
NC Department of Transportation(8/16/09 - 6/30/13)
Validation of APA Design Criteria for Field Surface Mixtures
NC Department of Transportation(8/16/08 - 6/30/10)
2007 Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Graduate Fellowship for Beth Visintine (Grant#DDEGRD-07-X-00422)
US Dept. of Transportation (DOT)(9/01/07 - 9/01/08)
Superpave Mixture Design and Analysis Workshop
NC Department of Transportation(5/01/07 - 8/31/09)
Effect of the Use of Higher Percentages of RAP in NCDOT Hot Mix Asphalt
NC Department of Transportation(7/01/07 - 6/30/09)
Determining HMA Mix Design Methodologies for Predicting Fatigue and Rutting Using Tensile Strength Testing
NC Department of Transportation(7/01/07 - 6/30/08)