Casey Dietrich

Assistant Professor

Dr. Dietrich has developed and validated high-resolution computational models of hurricane waves and storm surge along the Gulf coast, and these models have been used for levee design by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and for floodplain risk assessment by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. He has also applied these models in an operational framework to forecast storms including Hurricane Isaac (2012) as well as oil transport following the BP spill in 2010.

Dr. Dietrich received three degrees from the University of Oklahoma before moving to Notre Dame for his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. Then he worked as a research associate for three years at the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin.


Ph.D. 2011

Civil Engineering

University of Notre Dame

M.S. 2005

Civil Engineering

University of Oklahoma

B.S. 2004

Civil Engineering

University of Oklahoma

B.A. 2004


University of Oklahoma

Research Description

Dr. Dietrich develops computational models for wind waves and coastal circulation, and then apply these models to high-resolution simulations of ocean behavior. His goals are to understand how coastlines are threatened during storms, how materials are transported in the coastal environment, and how to convey these hazard risks for use in decision support. His research spans the disciplines of coastal engineering, numerical methods, computational mathematics, and high-performance computing.


An Earth's future special collection: impacts of the coastal dynamics of sea level rise on low-gradient coastal landscapes
Kidwell, D. M., Dietrich, J. C., Hagen, S. C., & Medeiros, S. C. (2017), Earths Future, 5(1), 2-9.
Characterizing hurricane storm surge behavior in Galveston Bay using the SWAN plus ADCIRC model
Sebastian, A., Proft, J., Dietrich, J. C., Du, W., Bedient, P. B., & Dawson, C. N. (2014), Coastal Engineering, 88, 171-181.

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PREEVENTS Track 2: Collaborative Research: Subgrid-Scale Corrections to Increase the Accuracy and Efficiency of Storm Surge Models
National Science Foundation (NSF)(9/01/17 - 8/31/21)
Mapping and Visualization of Coastal Flood Forecasts for Decision Support
UNC - UNC Chapel Hill(7/01/16 - 12/30/17)
Establishment of Remote-Sensing Based Monitoring Program for Performance Limit State Assessment of the Sacramento Delta Levees
US Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS)(1/01/16 - 6/30/18)
Interactions between Waves, Storm Surge and Beach Morphology during Storm Events
NCSU Sea Grant Program(2/01/16 - 6/30/18)
RADE: A Risk Analytics Discovery Environment for the North Carolina Data Sciences Analytics Initiative
North Carolina Data Science and Analytics Initiative (NCDSA)(8/15/16 - 8/15/17)
The Consortium for Advanced Research on Transport of Hydrocarbon in the Environment (CARTHE)
Consortium for Ocean Leadership, Inc.(1/01/15 - 3/31/18)
Strengthening the Hurricane Wave and Surge Forecast Guidance Provided to Coastal Communities in North Carolina
NCSU Sea Grant Program(2/01/14 - 6/30/16)