Archive & Alumni Updates

Students have been studying coastal engineering at NC State for over 25 years. Check out some photos of past projects and student work.

Coastal Engineering Group, April 2017 (Top, left to right: Ajimon Thomas, Dr. Margery Overton, Dr. Elizabeth J. Sciaudone, Dr. Casey Dietrich, Dr. Alejandra Ortiz, Rosemary Cyriac. Bottom, left to right: Liliana Velasquez Montoya, Nelson Tull, Mohammad Innab, Ayse Karanci, Emerina Kelly, Alireza Gharagozlou).
Dr. Overton’s group April 2015: Ayse Karanci, Liliana Velasquez Montoya, Dr. Margery Overton, Zachary Kemak, Dr. Elizabeth J. Sciaudone
Coastal Engineering Group, April 2015 (Top, left to right: Dr. Margery Overton, Dr. Casey Dietrich, Zach. Bottom: Dr. Sciaudone, Liliana Velasquez Montoya, Dr. Billy Edge, Ajimon Thomas, Ayse Karanci, Rosemary Cyriac)
Student field trip to Wrighstville Beach, Spring 2014


Students & Dr. Overton in the Lab, 2011: Adam Clinch, Onur Kurum, Margery Overton, Jin Qiang, Nick Spore, Brandon Grant.
Student field trip to the USACE Field Research Facility, 2010
Mid-1990s coastal hazards mapping using digital photogrammetry and GIS

Field work at the USACE Field Research Facility in Duck, NC

Early lab work on dune erosion, flume studies


Alumni Updates:

Ayse Karanci (PhD 2017): She is currently a postdoctoral research associate at the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, University of Florida.

M. Onur Kurum (PhD 2013): He currently works as a consultant in Toronto for Baird, Ocean, Lakes & Rivers.

Adam S. Clinch (MSc 2013): He works as a coastal engineer in AECOM in Charleston, SC.

Elisabeth Brown (MSc 2012): She is currently a PhD student in applied mathematics at NC State University.

Brandon Grant (MSc, 2012): He is a Coastal/Water Resources Engineer at Moffatt & Nichol

Widi Agoes Pratikto (PhD 1992): He serves as the General Director of the Department of Marine and Fisheries (DKP) in Indonesian government.