Saran Bodda

  • Position: Postdoctoral Research Scholar
  • Research Interests: Bayesian Approaches for Validation of Risk-Informed Safety Margin Characterization Models, Nuclear Safety, Seismic and Flooding PRA, Fragility Assessment of flood defense structures subjected to seismic and flooding, Coupled Analysis of Primary-Secondary Systems, Software Development for PRA, Machine Learning, Statistical modeling.
  • Contact Information:
  1. Email:
  2. Mobile:  919-931-7874
  • Brief Bio:
    I am a Postdoctoral research scholar in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering. I earned my Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering with specialization in Structural Engineering & Mechanics and a minor in Statistics from NC State University. I have completed my MS in Civil Engineering from NCSU as well. I earned my Bachelor’s of Technology degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati.My Ph.D. research was focused on developing a validation framework engrained in performance-based probabilistic risk assessment for external flooding scenario. My Master’s thesis has been based on Multi-Hazard risk assessment of flood defense structures. In addition to my thesis, I worked on multiple projects related to coupled analysis of Primary-Secondary systems with Dominion and EPRI. I have also interned at Idaho National Lab (INL) during which I have developed a Fault tree analysis tool for MASTODON software. I am also a member of two honor societies, Tau Beta Pi and Chi Epsilon at NCSU. Outside of work, I love to travel, watch movies, follow cricket, and go on hikes.