Center for the Integration of Composites into Infrastructure (CICI)

The Center for the Integration of Composites into Infrastructure (CICI) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry-University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC). The NSF-IUCRC program enables industrially-relevant, pre-competitive research via a multi-member, sustained partnerships among industry, academe, and government. NSF invests in these partnerships to promote research programs of mutual interest, contribute to the nation’s research infrastructure base, enhance the intellectual capacity of the engineering or science workforce through the integration of research and education, and facilitate technology transfer. IUCRC industry members include private companies, federal/state/local government agencies, and non-profits. Industry members guide the direction of the Center research through active involvement and mentoring. IUCRCs offer a platform for significant leveraging of financial investment by industry members to accelerate the knowledge base in emerging technological and manufacturing sectors and develop an industrially savvy workforce to benefit the U.S. economy.

CICI was formally established in 2009 and is currently a multi-university IUCRC including North Carolina State University, West Virginia University (CICI@WVU), University of Miami (CICI@UM), and University of Texas – Arlington (CICI@UTA). The primary goal of CICI is to accelerate the adoption of innovative composite materials and systems into critical infrastructure through joint research programs between the university sites in collaboration with the composites and construction industries and infrastructure owners. This multi-university partnership complements each other’s expertise in conventional and advanced composite materials and systems to further enhance the research capabilities of CICI while attaining broader support from industry members.