CPT Instructions

Please read the information on the OIS web site regarding CPT’s:
OIS CPT Information

Instructions & Information for students applying for CPT within the department:

CPT Application’s (signed by your adviser) along with the employment offer letter should be submitted to the Graduate Program Office (202A Mann Hall, Jodie’s office).

CHECKLIST (items to be completed before submitting to the Graduate Program Office):

  1. Plan of Work must be approved.
  2. Student must be registered for the following term.
  3. Employment letter must include the following before being approved:
    1. Job Title
    2. Job Description
    3. Salary*
    4. Number of Hours Worked per Week
    5. Specific Work Location (full physical address)
    6. Start & End Date
    7. Name of direct supervisor
  4. Students will be notified by email when CPT application has the DGP signature and is ready to be picked up and delivered to the Career Development Center.

*An hourly salary of $18.00 is a reasonable rate.  Anything lower and the student should negotiate with the hiring supervisor.

CPT Applications for Fall and/or Spring term are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  The review process takes many factors into account and is highly individual.

CPT’s are a privilege and not a right.