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Spring 2021 Welcome Back Memo

NEW DROP POLICY – Effective Spring 2021

Any courses dropped after census date will result in a W grade on the transcript.  REG 02.20.02 – Adding and Dropping Courses now states:

3.3.1. Undergraduate and graduate student course drops after census date are considered to be course withdrawals and will result in a W grade on the transcript.

If you over enroll intending to drop a course later, make sure you drop the course BEFORE CENSUS DAY.



Registration Information


Enrollment Calendar

Open enrollment dates and Late registration deadlines.

Academic Calendar

Deadlines, due dates, break and holiday dates, drop/add dates, etc.

Billing and Due Date Calendar

Plus links to how to pay your bill, view your bill, and understand your bill.

CE Graduate Student Calendar

Important Deadlines, Academic Deadlines, CE-GSA/GSA Events, Dept. Events, Professional Workshop Events, etc.

To Integrate into your Google Calendar use your account and follow these instructions:

Integrate calendar:
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You can customize the code or embed multiple calendars.


CCEE Orientation – Friday January 15, 2021

First day of class:  Tuesday, January 19.

Graduate School Orientation

Office of International Services Orientation

New Student Information

New Graduate Assistants (RA, TA, or RA/TA)

CCEE Graduate Student Employment Guide

NC Residency for Tuition Purposes

NC Residency for Tuition Purposes – This page is an excellent resource!!!

If you are applying to a Graduate Program and claim to be an NC resident, follow the instructions on the application and complete your residency determination at Once you have received a validated residency decision from RDS, enter the Residency Determination Number (RCN) into your application. If you are ready to submit your application prior to completing your RDS determination or receiving your RCN number, you will have the opportunity to enter it later through your applicant portal. Entering your RCN after submission will not effect your application, but until it is provided, you will be considered an out-of-state applicant.


Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees remain the same from Fall to Spring.  The Tuition & Fee Rate chart is in the embedded link. 

If on a graduate appointment (RA, TA, or RA/TA), department fees are not paid until after census day.

Tuition due date is posted on your bill in MyPack Portal.  Here is a Billing Due Date calendar.

Health Insurance

How to waive the University’s Mandatory Student Insurance Plan

Information on the Mandatory Student Insurance Plan

When a student graduates, their insurance (RA/TA) policy ends on these semester dates depending on what term you graduate:  Fall:  12/31/; Spring 07/30.

Plan of Work

Information and Instructions

Transferring in Credit

Transferring credits from a previous master’s degree (from NCSU or another institution) is done within your Graduate Plan of Work.  Click the Plan of work Information link for instructions.

Transferring in specific courses from another institution or an NDS program, a Transfer Credit Request form is required.  Submit the form to Jodie Gregoritsch (


Informational links on the exam processes are below.  Each link provides information, instructions, and required forms.



ETD Guide

ETD Deadlines

NC Residency

Information on the NC Residency process can be found here:

That link is a great resource!!

Current graduate students applying for residency next year: Begin completing your residentiary acts (outlined below in the Basic Requirements of Residency) about a year before you will be applying for residency. You will need to wait until you have lived in North Carolina for 365 days before applying through the RDS system or you will automatically receive a determination of out-of-state. If you do apply too early, you can log back into your RDS account and Request a Reconsideration once you have met the 365 day requirement.

If you have received NC Residency status, there is an important step a lot of students forget about:  Updating your RDS Determination with NCSU!!

Updating your RDS determination with NC State: If your RDS decision or expiration date has changed since you originally provided NC State with your Residency Determination Number (RCN) number, you will need to complete the residency form in your applicant portal, or update it through NC State’s self-service residency page by:

  • logging into MyPack Portal
  • navigating to your Student Homepage
  • clicking on the Personal Information tile
  • selecting ‘Residency Information’ from the left-hand navigation
  • entering your RCN in the corresponding text box, selecting “Save RCN” and then “Request Residency Data”

NOTE: You must have a unity ID to login to access this page.


Graduation – Fall 2020 Celebratory Graduate Video Link – to be released at 1:30pm on Thursday December 03, 2020.


Information for International Students

  • English Resources – for new & current students and/or spouses of students.  Wonderful classes & workshops!!
  • CPT Process
  • OPT Applications – should be submitted to the GSC in Room 202A, Mann Hall.  Students must apply to graduate and have their Plan of Work approved before submitting an OPT Application.
  • Taxes – Appointments with NC State Foreign Tax Specialist
  • Need to change your I-20? See the appropriate links below.
  • Reduced Course Load (RCL) – Information, Instructions, and form

Admission to the Graduate School

Towards the end of your bachelor’s program, you must formally apply to the master’s program, per deadlines published by the graduate school. Note that the GRE may be waived for ABM students – consult with your ABM advisor. The application must include to include a completed and signed ABM Plan of Work.

Transferring Double Counted Courses

Courses from your ABM Plan of Work submitted at the time you apply officially to the Graduate School must be included in your Graduate Plan of work which is submitted through the MyPack Portal.  For instructions on how to enter these courses, click here.  If you have any questions or need any help, do not hesitate to reach out to the GSC, Jodie Gregoritsch (

Transferring Extra Grad-level Courses Taken as an UG

To transfer in a course completed with a grade of B or higher and not used as a requirement for your undergraduate degree, you submit a Transfer Credit Request Form.  Once the form is completed, you email it to the GSC, Jodie Gregoritsch, at  The DGP signature will be obtained and the form will be forwarded to the Graduate School by the GSC.

Extension of Time Requests

Info here


Last pay check of Fall 2020 and First Pay check of Spring 2021:

Remember…  In order to avoid overpayment, all fall graduate appointments ended on 12/22/2020 because the employment start day in the fall started early (08/05/2020).  Because the appointment ended early, the end date fell in the middle of a pay period.  Therefore, your last paycheck for the fall semester was not a full paycheck.  The contracted stipend amount remained the same; it was simply distributed differently.  Also contributing to this is the fact that the dept. had to start all spring appointments on 01/01/2021 to adjust the stipend to cover/compensate students for the dept.’s 50% of student fees.
Your first spring paycheck (payday is today – Jan 21, 2021) is also not a full paycheck because of the pay period dates.  See below.
12/12-12/25 Pay Period (PP):  Your fall appointment ended on 12/22/20 (a Tuesday) so it was not a full two-week paycheck (7 work days).
12/26-01/08 PP:  Your spring appointment started 01/01/21 (a Friday) also not a full paycheck (6 working days).  AND there was a break in employment between 12/23 and 12/31.
First full pay check:  Feb. 05th

New Policy on the Payment of Student Fees (Starting Spring 2021):

We have to make a change in the way that we provide assistantships to meet federal rules and requirements pertaining to what a graduate assistantship is allowed to cover from certain funding sources. This change affects our current practice of covering 50% of the fees for those on any assistantship appointments (RA, TA, RA/TA) and requires us to change the graduate stipend rate and fee payment process beginning January 2021 so that the change does not cause any revenue deficit for you.

To compensate for the current 50% coverage of the fees, graduate stipends will be increased accordingly and students will be responsible for the full payment of student fees. The new increased stipend amount will cover the normal stipend amount, 50% of the student fee that was covered by the department and an additional 25% of that fee amount to cover any potential tax burden.

For example, for someone whose current annual stipend is $27,000 and the 50% of the annual fees being covered by the department is $2,040, then the new annual stipend will be $27,000 + $2,040 + $510 (i.e., 25% of $2,040). This total amount ($29,550) is rounded up to $30,000 per year stipend starting January 2021, with no fee being covered by the assistantship appointment. Similarly, if the current annual stipend is $26,400, the new stipend will be $29,400; and if it is $27,600, then it will be $30,600.

***In short, starting spring 2021 all graduate students holding a graduate assistantship (RA, TA, or RA/TA) will receive this new increased stipend and no fee coverage. ***

Students can pay their fees in full before the billing due date OR enroll in payroll deduction through MyPack Portal.  DO NOT DO BOTH.  Instructions for enrolling in the payroll deduction plan and a revised billing due date calendar are posted below.

Graduate students on fellowship are not eligible for this payroll deduction option; common fellowships include the PDF, L-SAMP, and NSF-GR fellowships

Employment Guide

Employment Guide:  For new and returning Graduate Assistants (RA, TA, RA/TA).  Information for Fellowship holders included in the guide as well.

Student Fees

Tuition & Fee Chart for Spring 2021

Billing and Due Dates

Instructions on how to enroll in Payroll Deduction.

  • Full time fees only (9+ hours).
  • Fellowship holders – not eligible.

Other payment Options: 

Information from CE-GSA

Grad-Cafe FAQ

Comment Box:  May be used for submitting comments, concerns, issues you would like the department to be aware off.  Submissions will be anonymous.


Reimbursement Procedure:
  1. Complete the purchase request form.
  2. Once completed, send the form along with your receipt to
  3. Once received, the accounting team will process your reimbursement.

Exam Forms

PhD Written Qualifying Exam (to be completed and submitted by student advisor)

Request to Schedule PhD Oral Exam (prelim or final)

Request to Schedule MS Oral Exam

Appointment of External Committee Member

Committee Modification Form

Inter-Institutional Appointment (UNC-CH or Duke)

Academic Forms

Transfer Credit Request

Audit Form

Leave of Absence

Reduced Course Load (International Students) – Information, Instructions, and form


All forms requiring the signature of the Director of Graduate Programs (DGP) should be turned in to Jodie Gregoritsch at or at 202A Mann Hall.

COE Writing Support Programs

Graduate School Professional Development Programs

Online Professional Development Workshops

The Graduate School Professional Development Team continues to offer support to graduate students and postdocs through virtual platforms. Our offerings include teaching and writing workshops, industry career preparation through our A2i program, and more. We will continue to add programming, so please share our workshops page with grad and postdoc trainees in your department. Contact Vanessa Doriott Anderson with questions.

CCEE Graduate Professional Development

This office provides professional development support for all graduate students in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at NCSU.  Here you will find online workshops, individual student support, and resources for research skills, professional skills, and career support.


Academic FAQ

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